Gaining Confidence


Everything is so changeable and fickle. What can we have confidence in?

There is one thing that never changes and that is the field of awareness that illuminates these dancing, fickle appearances.

How can we gain confidence in it? How do we know that it won’t fade and vanish like everything else?

One way is to examine it very closely and become more familiar with it.

Is it any different now than it was last week or twenty years ago? No, it is still the same vivid, luminous presence that it was then.

If it had changed then, for the being that we were then, the world would have vanished forever, never to reappear. For the luminous awareness that we are now, the world, and our awareness of it, will vanish forever in a few months, or years to be replaced by a new awareness.

Of course, it doesn’t happen that way. It is all the same bright, vivid, spacious presence as it was in the past and ever will be.

The more we familiarize ourselves with the luminous clarity of spacious awareness, the more we rest in the bosom of naked, pure presence, the greater the confidence that we gain.

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