Filaments of Bliss – Warm and Tender


There are many ways to meditate and many objects to meditate on.

My favourite object is pure presence. The thing about pure presence is that it is always available, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It’s your best friend and will never desert you.

Pure awareness of nowness is the root of every thing we experience. You could say that all the things that we experience are simply the forms that this awareness takes.

How do you meditate on pure presence?

I have an easy technique that never fails me. Simply relax for a few minutes, wherever you find yourself, and place your attention on your out breath.

Focus your full attention on your breath as it flows out and let all your thoughts dissolve into empty space.

At the end of your breath there is short gap which is the experience of pure presence. Rest in that vivid, open space until your next out breath and repeat the process of letting all thoughts dissolve into the open space that opens up.

After a while you should find yourself floating in a sea of pure bliss and you will begin to feel warm and tender as you bask in the radiance of sky like awareness of nowness.


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