Everything is Abstract


Everything is abstract if we know how to look. All the many things that we see in everyday life are like the children’s game of finding lions, tigers and other imaginary things in the fleeting shapes and patterns formed by the clouds in the sky. Our perceptions tell us that the phenomena of everyday life are solid and permanent. Just like the clouds in the sky, though, they are fluid with only arbitrary boundaries and are constantly being blown apart by the wind of time. When we purify our perception of the habit of solidifying patterns, all the myriad things shine as luminous, pure appearance.

Abstract art can help to break through the illusion of the solidity of everyday life. When the illusion of solidity melts, the frozen world of objects dissolves into a fluid dance of perceptions. Appearances become sharper, displaying a crisp clarity as staleness of vision evaporates in the joy of pure presence.

These images are dedicated to the emergence of the Spring-like freshness of pure and total presence, which is the true nature of all apparent phenomena, shining like the brilliant sun in a cloudless sky.

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